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Family photo shoot in Bardolino Lake Garda

Family photos are those that are jealously kept in a drawer, in some old box or simply in an album.
Family photos are evidence of the passing of time, union and memory.
Our parents have always kept photographs in a shoebox which over the years have become more than one, up to in some cases, like in my home, to fill an entire piece of furniture.
From the photo of the great-grandmother as a young man to that of the last grandchild at the sea or to the classic trip out of town.
A collection of photos that tells the passage of generations, all kept in that closet, in a rigorous scattered order, without a precise logic.
Opening those boxes is always a source of emotions and discoveries.
That unmistakable smell of cellulose that spreads in the air every time the lid is lifted allows us to relive distant memories and awaken emotions that have been dormant over time.
The family photo shoot is a gift that you give yourself today, but it will not be just for you, it will be especially for your children, grandchildren and all future generations who will look at these photos.
I am Gian Luigi Pasqualini, a professional photographer and I put all my heart into my work.
I create memories of magical and intimate moments that will last a lifetime.
I help families create their own exciting memories, memories they would never want to forget.
When I click the shutter button on my camera, time stops.
Everything freezes in that moment for a split second and that moment becomes eternal.
Photos are timeless, photos are sacred.
Request availability and information for your photo shoot, I will help you create your most precious memories.

Photographer of Portraits, Weddings, Lifestyle, Events and Personal Branding in Verona and on Lake Garda, Available for any destination.

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