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Ritratti fotografici per musicisti a Verona e lago di garda Anna Guglielmini - Fotografo Verona GLPSTUDIO


Professional photographic services.

Photographer in Verona and on Lake Garda, creatives from every sector: artists, writers, musicians, singers, painters, designers, stylists, authors, cooks, managers, architects, directors and dancers.

Portraits are among the most requested photographs when photographing creatives, photography plays an increasingly crucial role in business communication.

Impactful images make the difference between a website that is visited carefully and one that is ignored, between a brochure that is read and one that is thrown away.

Photographic services for professionals, managers, creatives and artists are the key to capturing the attention of the beholder.
The images communicate in an immediate and universal way, differentiated!

Thanks to photography, your image will finally be able to communicate its uniqueness to the public.

You will stand out by making sure that everyone can get to know you.

Photo shoots have therefore become an integral part of building an effective brand, which gets straight to the mark.

It is not a question of a choice of vanity, but of a tool with a strong communicative power, capable of enhancing your qualities.

Photo Shooting in Verona and Lake Garda.

Photographic portraits for websites, publications, magazine interviews, social media communication, advertising and press reviews.

I create portraits of company directors, photos of employees and the entire management team.

I produce corporate reportage images and visual storytelling, documented corporate events, conferences and meeting.

If you want to bring out the true soul of your business, the professional photographic portrait is an excellent tool, capable of showing the true face of your company to the public.

Gian Luigi Pasqualini of GLPSTUDIO Photo & Video with his technical and empathic skills will tell the story of your company and will be able to capture its essence through the faces of those who work there.

Request a personalized quote for your Photo Service.

Gian Luigi Pasqualini Storyteller photographer in Verona and Lake Garda.

Professional photographic portraits for professionals, managers, creatives and artists, for professional resumes and corporate presentations, corporate photo portraits and presentations
Portrait photos for musicians and bands and corporate, fine art photography and fine-art photography.



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