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Perfect marriage proposal with the professional photographer Gian Luigi Pasqualini Lake Garda The most romantic wedding proposal of all time GLPSTUDIO Photo & Video


Photo shoot wedding proposal in the André Heller Botanical Garden in Gardone Riviera on Lake Garda.

It is not surprising that every year people from all over the world get engaged or decide to get married in Verona or on Lake Garda, the charm of this beautiful area is undisputed.

“Will you marry me?”

Three simple words are full of emotions, full of meaning that will be the beginning of a new life.

It is well known that most of the organization of the wedding is the prerogative of the bride, but at least the marriage proposal should be left to your boyfriend.
Traditionally, it is usually the man who does it, but it is not certain that the woman cannot do it too!
If you are a girl and you want to get married, what are you waiting for?
If you are ready, don’t think twice and face this moment with joy and enthusiasm.
You will remember it as one of the most romantic and exciting moments of your life.
Life is made up of moments, many of which should be photographed and this undoubtedly needs to be photographed!

A photoshoot dedicated to your Marriage Proposal that tells your emotions with naturalness and simplicity.
These spontaneous gestures transformed into photographs will forever testify to all the joy of those moments.

On the day of the wedding proposal, I will first secretly take the photos of your proposal and when it is over, we will continue the photographic service while maintaining the romantic atmosphere that has been created high.
As your photographer, it will be an honor for me to capture the most precious moments of your proposal in a sincere and story-like way.

Are you looking for the right location to ask your partner’s hand?
I can help you with original advice to make the photos of this wonderful moment unforgettable.

Do not wait!
Contact me now, together we will make your memories eternal.



GLPSTUDIO Photo & Video photographic services

Gian Luigi Pasqualini Professional photographer on Lake Garda and Verona is specializing in surprise proposals, intimate weddings, elopement, engagement, honeymoons, and couples photography.
GLPSTUDIO…. Tales of light – Stories of couples in love.

Portrait photographer, couple, family, wedding, pregnancy, maternity, babies, and children at Lake Garda, in Verona, Mantua, Brescia, and Trento.


The most romantic marriage proposal of all time, Photographic Studio GLPSTUDIO Photo & Video – Photographic services in Salò and Gardone Riviera – André Heller Botanical Garden

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